Converting Low Cost Web Design Niche Research Into Effective Keyword Strategies

In our previous publication, Joe’s wife Betty did a bit of researching into their niche market. They are a typical small family business who wants to gain internet presence and have their own website. Joe and Betty are of the opinion that a small business web design could help them to promote their business as paper advertising alone has not done the trick. Betty has done some basic keyword research as she could not understand how some businesses ended up on her search phrase in different places.

Even at this early stage it was clear to Betty that in order for a web presence to succeed they needed to follow a step by step approach before any business site should be launched, viz:

1.    Developing a keyword strategy to target the right searchers
2.    Building a well-structured web site
3.    Creating good content and doing basic on-page and off-page optimization
4.    Promoting their site to get links from the rest of the web

Betty must now take her basic keyword research a step further and develop a keyword strategy that considers all short and long tail keywords. From her earlier probing she came to realize that this process is about:

•    The keywords need to relevant to their niche and obviously their business skills they want to promote.
•    These keywords should be able to generate good levels of website visitors, good traffic, but more important targeted traffic. When someone lands on their page the visitor should yell, bingo….
•    They need to choose keywords with an acceptable level of competition. But not overwhelming competition.
•    The keywords they choose should have a desired level of commerciality.

In an effective search engine optimization campaign, you will be able to target a broad spectrum of search terms. Keyword strategy is the effective combination of keywords into phrases, which results in you targeting the right search terms, and ultimately bringing visitors to the right web page to satisfy the visitors needs. Betty, being the smart woman she is (mother, business woman and wife) realizes that she cannot build site strategy around a single key word like HYDRAULICS or a two word phrase like HYDRAULIC REPAIRS as this resulted in 80% irrelevance to their niche.

Betty has come to understand very early on that key words should also include 3 word, 4 word and even longer keyword phrases. Betty has been able to narrow down their keyword research results:

•    Hydraulic repairs – 3 million and 20 % relevance
•    Hydraulic repair services – 1 million 70% relevance
•    Hydraulic repairs and maintenance – 542,000 80% relevance
•    Tulsa Hydraulic repairs and maintenance – 16,000 80% relevance
•    Tulsa Hydraulic repairs and maintenance Caterpillar – 7,000 70% relevance

Keyword strategy is not confined to finding a hand full of relevant keywords. Different keywords can be used throughout the web design. Relevant keywords for Joe and Betty’s low cost website design may include as many as 15 – 20 relevant keyword phrases, as they service and repair a diverse range of equipment and address a multitude of fault areas. The experience of Betty and Joe is applicable to virtually all types of businesses, who desire a business web.

Affiliate marketing sites are prolific and found everywhere on the internet. Sadly only a handful of these ventures enjoy any form of long term success. The reason is simple. People get hung up on a particular keyword or phrase and build their whole strategy around this keyword without proper or even basic research. Business websites do not enjoy their top spot by virtue of luck, but by design.

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Work At Home – A Home Based Business

Being an entrepreneur is very appealing, but not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur. One of the fastest and easiest ways to become a successful entrepreneur is through a home business. There are various reasons why someone may want to consider working from home. These may include – you are a stay at home mom or dad and you want to avoid conflict with the schedule of your children. Perhaps you have physical limitations or are temporarily disabled. Or you have a health problem that does not allow you to work for short periods, and you feel that working from home is better suited. Maybe you just want to supplement the income of your spouse and you want to work part-time, but have the flexibility to dictate your own hours.

Many people who are looking for a work at home opportunity take their research to the Internet. And that’s how you found this article but there are some things you should be very careful about and we will cover some of these things today.

First, be very careful if you find a source of a job or organization, and they charge you a large fee – this may not be a good idea. However, there are a few legitimate companies and business opportunities out there that require a small startup cost that usually covers the training and other materials that you would need in that business. Whether it’s an ad in the newspaper or an online business opportunity banner, be sure to do your due diligence before you pay for any job.

Second, pay attention to the lists you join. The term “homework” if typed into a search engine will return hundreds of thousands of results, if not millions. Remember, scams are out there too, for anyone seeking a home based business – so be sure to protect your email address so that you are not bombarded with hundreds of offers daily. If you are a person that likes to take a look at every opportunity available, you may want to consider creating a separate email address that can be used for mailing lists. That said – Start by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. After the evaluation, you can now see if you can manage your own online business. Apart from the evaluation process, these are a few of your responsibilities as an entrepreneur:

• You must know how to plan and organize.
• You should be able to work independently as now you are the boss and all business decisions will be made by you.
• You must be disciplined with your time
• You are required to test and find best practices for your business

Some say that online businesses can be run without many problems. Well, they are mistaking. Even with an online business, you can face problems and risks. You cannot eliminate such risks that go with any business venture, both for businesses online and offline. However, you can reduce the risk that you are bound to deal in the future by choosing the best home based business for you. Contractors are known to be self-starters. Organizing your time is a difficult task, but if you want to start a home based business, you should be able to do so.

Remember, you do not have a boss that you can count on. This is your business and you must be responsible at all times. Running your own business also means you have to deal with different types of people. You will surely encounter demanding customers, moody vendors, and maybe even unreliable staff. To become a successful home business entrepreneur, you need to know how to deal with them individually and know the quirks of each person you meet so you can remedy the situation correctly. Running an online business is all about your attitude and character. According to some experts who have conducted research on the characteristics of entrepreneurs, there are certain traits that they must possess. As mentioned earlier, entrepreneurs take risks, self-starters, and know how to deal with different types of people.

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How to Choose Bathroom Accessories and Floor Registers

Floor registers make nice accessories for bathroom. Online you will find a wide array of floor registers, which include Victorian Scrolls, Contemporaries, etc. Victorian is my favorite, yet not everyone has the same tastes or styles.

How to choose Victorian floor registers?
When choosing Victorian floor registers keep in mind that you have the options of choosing Dark Bronze, Pewter, and the Polished/Lacquered Brass. Elgan Brass is one of the higher quality floor registers. The brass texture was built from superb hangs that knew their craft. Brass registers will bring in style whether you have a country setting, or master bath. The registers add a unique touch to the room. Victorian styles give you the options of choosing Antique Brass and more. The registers are great, since it ventilates the room, and reduces mold and mildew build-up.

How to choose contemporary floor registers?
Contemporary floor registers include the Antique, Polished/Lacquered Brass, Dark Bronze, and Pewters. I prefer the Polished/Lacquered Brass, since it glows. The registers are designed to set of country atmospheres. For the master bath, you may want to choose the Polished Brass. The registers are coated with powders and dampers, which means that the register will last a long time to come.

How much do contemporary registers cost?
It depends on where you purchase the product. You can purchase the Antique Brass for around $23 online. I would shop around, since you can compare prices and texture. As well, you can view other registers, which may be of higher quality, yet at a price you can afford.

How does my floor factor into the registers design?
Good question, you should always consider your floors, walls, and overall style of your bathroom before purchasing floor registers. If you have a country setting however, most of the floor registers will go with your room. However, if you have a luxury bath, or master bath, the gold brass is the best choice. Dark Bronze will work as well, providing you have an atmosphere that matches the color.

What if I like a floor register that does not match my flooring, walls, etc?
You want to view images of floor registers, since many will match nearly all colors, patterns and designs. If you feel that the register you like does not match, you may want to adjust your style. Ultimately, you can change the flooring and wall color to match your choice of floor registers.

How do I choose two registers?
If your bathroom allows room for 2 registers then try to buy the same style. You don’t want to install a Bronze and Brass in the same environment.

What if I have wood floors, how do I choose color?
If you have wood floors, then you have a country setting. Still, you can select registers that will go with the texture of your room. Antiques are great, yet with wooden floors I find that the Dark Bronze is the choice of registers. The bronze seems to give the room a traditional effect.

How do I choose floor registers for bathrooms with rugged areas?
Try to match the registers to fit your rugs. If you have rugs in your bathroom, try to keep the registers however away from the fabric, especially if heat comes from the register. Heat can build, which can catch fire.

Floor registers make great bathroom accessories, since the registers will match nearly any style.

Why should I buy floor registers?
If you do not have floor registers in your bathroom, mold and mildew will build-up, which is bad for your health. In bathrooms where no registers are available, orange, gray, and black mold often develops.

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