Premieres for A House in Pieces

Our documentary feature film A House in Pieces (co-directed with Jean Claire Dy) is finally celebrating its World, Philippine, and European Premieres.

We recently had our world premiere at DMZ Docs Festival in South Korea, where the film was nominated in the Asian Competition.

In the main production country Philippines, inaugural documentary festival DaangDokyu has moved online and is showing the film until October 29, midnight PHL time (only available in the Philippines).

Last but not least, in Europe we will have our premiere at Kasseler Dokfest, where A House in Pieces is nominated in the Golden Hercules competition. The main screening will take place on November 20, followed by one week of online distribution through DokfestOnline.

Happy to share some good news at the tail end of this year and looking forward to the conversations around the film! Follow our Facebook page for more updates.

About the film:

A war between government and ISIS-affiliated jihadists forced hundreds of thousands to flee from Marawi, Philippines. After the battle, residents struggle to rebuild their homes and lives in a deformed city.

Displaced couple Yusop and Farhanna and their children yearn for freedom, income, and comfort after returning to their city. But even to return to normalcy is already a struggle. Nancy, a once wealthy woman, has to cope with her loss of home in an evacuation shelter where she will have to remain for years. An anonymous driver with striking insights shuttles back and forth between places and stories around a city which will never be the same again.

The film accompanies its protagonists for two years through fear, worry, and hope, towards a new beginning on their long journey.

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