New projects in development

I’m happy to share that I’m currently in early development (and seeking funding) for two creative documentaries — The Disquiet Forest and Commodified Enlightenment.

“Be Like Moss” – the creative impetus underlying The Disquiet Forest

The films are set in Poland and Peru and I will share loglines and more details as the film development continues. Both projects tackle socio-ecological issues, and fundamentally the question of how we as humans can rethink our relationship with nature coming from an attitude of humility and reciprocity. Indigenous knowledge systems show us that beyond the rational scientific observation of natural phenomena, the emotional and spiritual components are equally important parts of learning and understanding. This is a stance that I would like to aspire to also as a filmmaker working on themes at the interrelationships between humans and the more-than-human natural environment.

View from a protagonist’s place in Peru. Photo by Anti Naulainen, collaborator for Commodofied Enlightenment