This is our Everything – Fundraiser until January 15

For the past year, I’ve been editing and helped to produce This is our Everything, directed by Frederik Subei.

More on the film and my creative process soon – for now, here’s the film summary:
The Guajajara people decide not to stand idly by while their land and that of the uncontacted Awá people is being destroyed. They put together a group of forest guardians who are determined to defend the Amazon rainforest — if necessary with their own lives. 

Swiss NGO GREEN BOOTS has kindly offered to support the last remaining post-production tasks for the film with a fundraising call.
Donations for the project are possible until January 15 and every incoming donation will be doubled by GREEN BOOTS!

As part of the fundraiser, we have also launched a first preview trailer (not yet our official one!) for the film:

I am every excited to bring this feature-length documentary film into the world within the next few months. More on this project coming very soon!